We provide a convenient seed kit to Canadian vegetable gardeners.

The Stress-Free Vegetable Seed Kit

The Stress-Free Vegetable Seed Kit

Experience the joy of gardening with the Stress-Free Vegetable Seed Kit - a collection of 9 vegetable seed varieties, specifically chosen for Canadian gardeners. These proven favourites are well-suited to our climate and short growing season. All of our seeds are untreated and non-GMO. Available now for only $19.99.

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Classic Selection

  • Bean - Pike Bush Bean
  • Tomato - Bonny Best
  • Lettuce - Buttercrunch
  • Beet - Detroit Dark Red
  • Pea - Homesteader
  • Pepper - California Wonder
  • Cucumber - Marketmore 76
  • Carrot - Scarlet Nantes
  • Zucchini - Black Beauty
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Helpful Instructions

We've included a handy planting chart and expert advice to ensure your success. Planting instructions and growing tips are conveniently printed on each seed packet. That's stress-free planting.

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More About Our Seeds

All of our seeds are top quality, untreated and non-GMO. More details about the vegetable seeds in our kit are provided below.

Bonny Best Tomatoes.  Image of tomatoes from Chatham Gardens Seeds.  Vegetable image.

Tomato - Bonny Best

Beautiful red tomatoes. Our heirloom seeds are perfect for Canadian gardeners, ripening early and producing abundant quantities of juicy, great-tasting tomatoes all season long. A popular old-fashioned tomato, Bonny Best is ideal for slicing, sauces, canning and salsas. Or use your tomatoes to make the best-tasting tomato soup ever. These seeds grow particularly well in Northern climates, making them a great choice.

Tendergreen Bush Bean.  Image of green beans from Chatham Gardens Seeds.  Vegetable image.

Bean - Pike Bush Bean

This open-pollinated variety is both delicious and high-yielding. The beautiful dark-green pods of this plant grow straight and slim. The tender beans tucked inside are packed with flavour and goodness. Fresh from the garden or fresh from the freezer, these beans will not disappoint. Their heat tolerance and natural resistance to disease make them easy to grow.

Buttercrunch Lettuce.  Image of lettuce from Chatham Gardens Seeds.  Vegetable image.

Lettuce - Buttercrunch

As its name suggests, this sweet-tasting lettuce boasts a smooth crunchy flavour without a hint of bitterness. Enjoy it straight from the garden on a sandwich or make some melt-in-your-mouth lettuce wraps. These Buttercrunch seeds germinate quickly and tolerate a wide variety of growing conditions, making them an excellent option for novice gardeners.

Detroit Dark Red Beet

Beet - Detroit Dark Red

This open-pollinated, heirloom beet is well-known for its deep red colour and smooth skin. Enjoy them fresh from the garden, pickled or canned. They are especially suited for pickling, producing a beautiful deep red brine. These beets will look fantastic on your harvest table with their uniform, dark round roots and tall shiny tops.

Homesteader Pea.  Image of green peas from Chatham Gardens Seeds.  Vegetable image.

Pea - Homesteader

The sweetest pea around. With 7-9 large peas in each pod, these dark-green, scrumptious peas are a joy to grow and eat. Known for their pleasant flavour, this high-quality pea is popular for a good reason. Serve them fresh from the pod or pop them in the freezer for future enjoyment.

California Wonder Pepper.  Image of green and red peppers from Chatham Gardens Seeds.  Vegetable image.

Pepper - California Wonder

The California Wonder is the gold standard in bell peppers. These reliable plants produce thick-walled sweet peppers with a beautiful smooth skin. California Wonder peppers can be picked green or left to turn bright red in the summer heat. Each pepper has four lobes of sweet juiciness. Perfect for stuffing or stir-fries, your home-grown peppers will quickly become your favourite.

Marketmore 76 cucumber.  Image of cucumbers from Chatham Gardens Seeds.  Vegetable image.

Cucumber - Marketmore 76

Get slicing! This popular heirloom cucumber is well know for its crisp crunch and sweet taste. Refreshing in a salad and perfect for pickling, Marketmore 76 cucumbers are tough to beat. These productive plants produce smooth, dark-green cucumbers on short vines, resulting in higher yields for smaller gardens and raised beds.

Scarlet Nantes Carrot.  Image of carrots from Chatham Gardens Seeds.  Vegetable image.

Carrot - Scarlet Nantes

You'll love these sweet and tender carrots. Scarlet Nantes is a crisp, juicy and high-yielding carrot ideal for North American growing conditions. The bright orange roots can be harvested early as baby carrots or left to grow to about 7 inches. Their cylindrical shape makes them perfect for slicing. Scarlet Nantes carrots store exceptionally well and can be frozen for enjoyment all winter long. Our heirloom carrot seeds were hand-harvested and packed with care.

Black Beauty Zucchini.  Image of zucchini from Chatham Gardens Seeds.  Vegetable image.

Zucchini - Black Beauty

This classic heirloom summer squash is well-known for its dark-green glossy fruits with crisp white flesh. These plants mature quickly, providing loads of these beauties throughout the summer. The best variety for freezing, Black Beauty zucchini is a versatile, great-tasting choice for your garden.

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