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The Stress-Free Vegetable Seed Kit

The Stress-Free Vegetable Seed Kit

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The Kit

The Stress-Free Vegetable Seed Kit is a collection of 9 vegetable seed varieties, specifically chosen for Canadian gardeners.  These seeds are well-suited to our climate and short growing season.  Each kit contains enough seeds to plant a productive vegetable garden.  This kit is also perfect for container gardening and for use in raised beds.  All of our seeds are untreated and non-GMO.  

The Vegetables

  • Cucumber - Marketmore 76  (40)
  • Tomato - Bonny Best  (30)
  • Lettuce - Buttercrunch (600)
  • Beet - Detroit Dark Red  (50)
  • Pea - Homesteader  (40)
  • Pepper - California Wonder  (25)
  • Bean - Pike Bush Bean  (40)
  • Carrot - Scarlet Nantes  (600)
  • Zucchini - Black Beauty  (24)

Note:  The number of seeds in each kit is shown in brackets above.

    Helpful Instructions

    We've included a colour insert describing each vegetable, as well as our handy planting chart.  The planting chart is a valuable reference for key information, such as seed depth, seed spacing and row spacing.

    Smart Packaging

    Planting instructions and growing tips are printed right on the seed packets.  That's useful information right where you need it.  We think seeds and instructions should never be separated.  That's stress-free planting.

    Makes a Great Gift

    The Stress-Free Vegetable Seed Kit makes a great gift.  Why not add an extra kit or two for the gardeners in your life?

    Learn More

    More info about our seed kit and the seeds included.

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